Certified Financial Planner is an expert who accepts a part of - Financial guide/Financial Consultant/Wealth chief. A qualified CFP helps his customers in building riches and accomplishing their money related objectives by appropriate administration of their own accounts. Certified Financial Planning is among the quickest developing vocations in the world. There are as of now more than 1,00,000 CFP Charters worldwide and around 1200+ CFPs in India. According to current industry assesses the necessity for money related consultants will be around 50000 in the coming years in India. For these assessments and requirements more CFPs are required in Mumbai considering requirements of India and because Mumbai is the biggest City of India. CFP certification is perceived in more than 23 nations over the world which incorporates USA, UK, Canada,  Australia and so on and is evaluated as "Best quality levels". In Mumbai CFP certification is perceived under SEBI Investment Advisor Act 2013. It is additionally supported by top money related administrations organizations of Mumbai who have likewise settled they will give first inclination to qualified CFPs in enrollments. Certified Financial Planners as monetary guides are required in taking after budgetary administrations organizations to counsel their customers on all parts of wealth and individual back. Following are the budgetary administration institutions where they are required
  • Banks
  • Common Funds and Asset Management Companies
  • Stock Broking Firms
  • Insurance agencies
  • Speculation Advisory Firms
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Budgetary Planning Firms
  • Wealth administration Firms
  CFP course consists of the following Majors in Mumbai:
    • Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning:  Students understudies find out about income administration, Personal Financial articulations, Liability and Loans administration, Budgeting and Expense administration and so forth.
    • Module 2: Risk Management & Insurance Planning:  Students find out about securing wealth by ensuring resources. Incorporates both life and general Insurance.
    • Module 3: Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits: Students learn about how to make automated revenue for customer's retirement life considering resources, speculations and worker benefits.
    • Module 4: Investment Planning: Students find out about various speculation roads like – Equity offers, Mutual Funds, Fixed wage ventures like Bonds and debentures, Small sparing plans, elective ventures, land, gold speculations and so forth. Resource assignment in light of hazard craving and financial objectives.
    • Module 5: Tax & Estate Planning: Students find out about expense ramifications of putting resources into various resources. Impose sparing procedures. Domain arranging incorporates wealth exchange strategies like investigation of Wills, Trusts, Power of lawyers and so forth.
    • Module 6: Advance Financial Planning:  Students figure out how to see enormous picture view and bury relationship of above parts in type of contextual investigations.
        Cost and Fee Structure
    Cost & Fee Structure: For people  who are required  to give all 4 exams For people eligible  to give  final module directly
    Coaching & training fee:  (includes class room training for all modules,  study material, training on Microsoft excel etc.) 23000 (all inclusive) 15000 (all inclusive)
    FPSB Charges for registration & examination  Registration  1st 4 exam charges  Final 5th Exam 13800 (all inclusive)  11500 (all inclusive)  6900 (all inclusive) 26450 (all inclusive)  6900 (all inclusive)
    Total 57000 (all inclusive) 50150 (all inclusive)
    1st Year CFP certification membership fees (For CFPs) (Paid after clearing exams 1 to 4) is Rs. 6,900/-